To Those Who Protect…

The work is dedicated to organizations that engage in the protection of the natural environment, and in particular the oceans. Spell-bound by the beauty of turbulent waters, we are often unaware of how much we owe to those that work to preserve the ecological equilibrium of the ocean. It was presented at MOCAK Museum of Modern Art in Kraków as part of the exhibition Nature in Art, June – September, 2019.

To Those Who Warn…

This drawing-photo installation was presented in the House of Silence in the International Youth Meeting Centre at Auschwitz 26 May – 22 July 2018. The work was specially created for this exhibition and uses multi-layered photography as well as drawing techniques with graphite and pastel. It consists of three compositions with a total length of 71 feet.

It is dedicated to Jan Karski whom the artist came to know in the final years of his life.


Kraków Philharmonic Hall installs Metamorphoses
in honor of Krzysztof Penderecki’s 80th Birthday

Saturday, September 28, 2013 – Unveiling ceremony of Anna VanMatre’s Metamorphoses-Water and Metamorphoses-Fire, a gift of the artist, permanently installed in the Kraków Philharmonic Hall in honor of the 80th birthday of Krzysztof Penderecki. The idea began in 1998 when Anna was absorbed in the composer’s music and was preparing an exhibition in conjunction with one of his concerts. Fascinated by his Violin Concerto #2 (Metamorphosen), she chose this composition as inspiration for her own Metamorphoses.

The components of each seven-panel work are in sequential order, but with interchangeable starting points. Each drawing is meant to be a stand-alone composition, but taken as a whole they represent a dramatic evolution. In addition to the obvious significance of the number seven – days in the week, notes in the diatonic scale, wonders of the world, etc. – the artist was particularly influenced by another of Penderecki’s masterpieces, the Seven Gates of Jerusalem.